Run around the campus like a garbage ninjas, collecting recyclables and putting them in the right place… I mean how else would you want to spend your Thursdays?

I always feel guilty when I make my students do data entry. So I alleviate my guilt by giving them cupcakes from the campus Farmer’s Market. That makes everything better right?

This summer we experimented with creating mobile community garden plots on campus. We wanted to re-purpose some barrels in order to reduce environmental impacts. Here is an example of mobile pollinator gardens we created and which could be used anywhere on campus to increase pollination activity.

Fun and sustainable fashion for the broke student 

Have you ever gone on a shopping spree, and no matter how great the pieces you bought looked on you, you couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt for having spent too much cash? Well I have a solution for all you shopaholics out there who don’t have the dough to support your favourite hobby: a free store shopping spree! I recently had time to go down to the store and rummage through all of the racks; I found some amazing treasures that have become staple pieces for my fall wardrobe! Here are a few examples of things I have picked up.

~photos by uOttawa student Eleni Levreault

Every once and a while I have to present some of our sustainability programs to a class. I like to end off with slides that I think might evoke some kind of emotional reaction or something that makes them want to strive.

Tonight I am ending of with the poem from the Grey. I am mixing it with a photo I took a few years ago when I was biking to work on a particularly horrid winter day. Sometimes you have to love doing the hard things in life simply because they are hard. If you don’t, you will never find a reason to do the things we need to do.

~jonathan rausseo

Rénovation des espaces verts sur le campus

Campus Green space Renovations

(Source: dolphinblueinc)


A sustainable living-room! 

Les nouvelles stations pour réparer vos vélos à l’Université d’Ottawa 

The University of Ottawa’s new bike repair stations


82 Tips for Sustainable Gardening

Mother Earth News

Tournée du centre de recyclage de Tomlinson  // Office Trip to Tomlinson Recycling Facility